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NB! Rogue64 is not released yet, but is on track for a 2021 release!


You are Zendar the explorer, looking for treasure and fame in the dungeons of Mordecoom! Rumour has it that there is a magic item at the bottom of the dungeon, and you want it! The only problem is that there are evil cave dwellers lurking in the dark, waiting to attack as you travel deeper and deeper into this cube-like tentacle terror maze. The dungeons of Mordecoom are waiting!

The game:

Rogue64 is a modern roguelike for the Commodore 64. Every play of the game is a unique experience, with our procedural generated levels. As you progress in the game you will meet tougher monsters and bigger challenges, but if you reach the end, there are wonderful rewards to be gathered!

Rogue64 is based on Rogue4k, a minimalistic Rogue-ish game in under 4000 bytes we made for The C64 'Cassette 50' Charity Competition hosted by Bitmap Soft.


Joystick in port 2 controls movement. To grab loot just walk over it. To attack monsters, walk towards them.

Press fire to restart game after Game Over.

Aim of the game:

Get as far and deep into the dungeon as you can! Get the highest score!


  • Procedural generated levels.
  • Unique experience for every play-through.
  • Glorious pixelated graphics.
  • Lovely music by Sami Louko


Physical boxed cartridge release in 2021! Physical release will be handled by Bitmap Soft. Digital release some time after physical release.

Development log


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If no or few sprites are involved, could it easily ported on Plus/4 too, eventually?

Hi. It could probably be ported, but we are using sprites for the player an monsters. We are using sprites so we don't to manually merge background and play/enemy chars, and also for some gameplay things we haven@t shown yet. But since this is a turn-based game it could be done with just characters I think. :)

Nice! Physical release on cart or disk?

Thanks! We will be releasing Rogue64 on a physical cartridge in a nice box =)

Fantastic! Do you plan on a save feature, too?

You won't be able to save your game, but we are looking into saving highscores if it ends up making sense. There is an end-game state, and there is scoring, but we need to find a way for it to make sense within a randomly generated gameplay :)

sounds really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing it 👍

Thank you! Hopefully you won't have to wait too long. =)