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You are Zendar the explorer, looking for treasure and fame in the dungeons of Mordecoom! Rumour has it that there is a magic item at the bottom of the dungeon, and you want it! The only problem is that there are evil cave dwellers lurking in the dark, waiting to attack as you travel deeper and deeper into this cube-like tentacle terror maze. The dungeons of Mordecoom are waiting!

The game:

Rogue64 is a modern roguelike for the Commodore 64. Every play of the game is a unique experience, with our procedural generated levels. As you progress in the game you will meet tougher monsters and bigger challenges, but if you reach the end, there are wonderful rewards to be gathered!

Rogue64 is based on Rogue4k, a minimalistic Rogue-ish game in under 4000 bytes we made for The C64 'Cassette 50' Charity Competition hosted by Bitmap Soft.


Joystick in port 2 controls movement. To grab loot just walk over it. To attack monsters, walk towards them.

Press fire to restart game after Game Over.

Aim of the game:

Get as far and deep into the dungeon as you can! Get the highest score!


  • Procedural generated levels.
  • Unique experience for every play-through.
  • Glorious pixelated graphics.
  • Lovely music by Sami Louko

Praise for Rogue64:


"It will have you hooked in minutes and playing for hours!" - Vinny Mainolfi FREEZE64 Writer/Editor/Proprietor

Zzap! Italy

90% overall with "Gioco Caldo", which we think means Hot Game! 😊

Zzap!64 Magazine:

77% "Gameplay is fun, with fluctuating potions and challenging badies. Fans of the genre will therefore love this" - Perifractic

K&A plus magazine:

Gfx: 6, Sfx: 7, Gameplay: 8 "I play it in my free time
even after finishing it several times, which indicates the
quality of this production, " - Monka

Praise for the Physical cartridge release from Bitmapsoft:

"What a great Rogue game for the C64, modern and stylish, well packaged but still – a rogue. An instant classic to me!"

"A truly fantastic package, superb in every detail, for a memorable game"

"Wonderful Package and a great, rogue Game!"

This game is a cartridge game, and the downloadable is a .crt cartridge file.

PS! You can get Rogue64 physical Deluxe cartridge box from our lovely publisher Bitmap Soft (while stocks last!): https://www.bitmapsoft.co.uk/product/rogue-64/


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

rogue64_v1.03.zip 42 kB
rogue64_v1.03_easyflash.zip 42 kB
Rogue64_manual.pdf 31 MB
Rogue64 v1.02 - NTSC Gameover fix 42 kB
Rogue64 v1.02 - EasyFlash version 42 kB
Rogue64 v1.01 42 kB

Development log


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Having a bit of a problem here. I bought the game and tried to download it. But I just can download the manual. I wanted to use VICE. How can I achieve that?
Need some advice.

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You need to download "rogue64_v1.03.zip", which contains a rogue64.crt file. This you can drag&drop into Vice.  Let me know how that goes 😊

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Thank you for your quick reply. After a bit of search I finally found the files. Lol. My bad. But it is a bit like a roguelike to find them ;-) Thank you. It is a really great game. It is so nice see devs care about these systems.


My daughter and I have played this game together maybe 100+ times already. It will end up being one of those games she remembers playing with her Dad, which is me. I love this. I only know it because I remember playing games that were awesome with my Dad back in the 70's. 10/10 from us.

Thank you! That is a lovely story! 😊


Very fun game. Was a nice evening romp for me on my Commodore 64. I look forward to your future projects

Thank you! 😊

Rogue64 running smooth as butter on the Nintendo 2DS XL via Vice3DS. The sound sounds amazing, the screen looks fantastic, and playing with the D-pad and buttons is very comfortable and intuitive. The virtual keyboard in Vice3DS even lets you access the function key shortcuts. It's a fantastic experience played this way!

Thank you for the screenshot and lovely comment! πŸ₯° I do agree that the game works very well on emulated portable platforms! 😊

I know there is a port already in the works but have you thought about porting this version as is to the Amiga?

Great game BTW!!

Thank you!

We are working on an Amiga version of the game that will be pretty similar to the C64 version, except for a major graphics overhaul. We don't want to ruin the formula that worked for this game, so hopefully you will like the Amiga version aswell. πŸ™‚

Loved playing this game on my C64 Maxi. Was finally happy to play this on my Ultimate 64, but when I select Start Game from the main menu, it goes to a black screen and nothing ever happens. This happens with both the regular crt image and easyflash image. Unfortunately I can't play this game anymore :(

Hi there, Thanks for purchasing the game!

I also have an Ultimate 64, and it works for me. I have however not updated the firmware in quite a while. Could you try running the U64 in Pal mode and see if that helps?

I have also heard that therehave been issues with certain cartridges when running on the U64. Try unplugging any cartridges if you are running the digital version of Rogue64.

Let me know how things go. If you can't get it to work I will try upgrading my U64 to reproduce it. πŸ™‚

Hello, I have been running it in PAL mode. I am running the digital version, but from a USB drive. I've tried all kinds of settings changes, but can't seem to get it to work :/

Hi again. Which version of the firmware and core are you running?

I'm on v1.41 and 3.10a firmware 

Ok. I will upgrade my core and hardware. I am on 1.29 and 3.7.  One last question: Rogue64 is dependent upon using the SID function for random number generation. Could it be that you have an ArmSID or some such SID replacement in you U64 that doesn't have the SID rng function? If so, could you try disabling the SID sockets and see if that helps? πŸ™‚

Hi there, please could you advise how I can get this to work on my SD2IEC, many thanks, Nick (UK).

Hi. I don't think the SD2IEC supports cartridge files. There are other options though, like the Kung Fu Flash cartridge.

Rogue64 is a cartridge game, so there is no d64 option at this point. Sorry for that. I hope you get to play the game!

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Thanks for an amazing game. Coding something this engaging and with added longevity on a 64k machine is no mean feat and you pulled it off. I also cannot get the theme tune out of my head, which was still lodged in my brain from the demo - so catchy and kudos to the composer. 10/10 ! :)

Thank you very much! ❀❀

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Super fun game, thanks so much!  I did notice some weird behavior while using my 1541 Ultimate II to run the game.  I'm on a NTSC C64, so the 1.01 version hangs at the end.  But loading the 1.02 version I get a black screen when selecting Start Game.  However if I load the game into the Flash Disk on my U1541II then it works just fine.  Kinda weird but I wanted to let you know.  Thanks again for my new favorite C64 game!  :)

Thank you for your kind words! And thanks for letting us know about the issues with U1541II. We have tried the game on an Ultimate64 without issues, but not a U1541II, so this was news to us.

We will have this issue on the list for any future updates of the game πŸ™‚

I really liked the 4k version of this game for its simplicity and efficiency. The final version did not disappoint me at all ! I find the same gameplay qualities, a clear and readable graphics and an excellent replayability. congratulations ^^ !

Thank you! ☺️

Whoever made this knows what made those old C64 games look good.

Thank you πŸ™‚


Bought it today and finished it on the second try.. This is a great game, but way too short.. Hope for a sequel with more puzzle mechanics, monsters and content.. :-)

Thank you! We understand that it might feel a little short for experienced roguelike players. Hopefully the different potions and the randomness of the dungeons gives enough replayability value.

We will be aiming for a hardcore-mode for the next incarnation of this game :)

Great news... looking forward to it.. keep up your great work! 

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To the Devs:

Respect for pulling of something Kojima would do! I hope this is not a bug! If it is, i wont use any newer release ;) But i seriously dont think it is a bug cause i dont get any heal potions when i get the Str-boost potion. Out of frustration and panic i drank 3 Str-boost potion to kill the enemys. When the timer runs out it only resets -1 so two potions mean +1 str! If you have 9 str and drink one, you end up with 8 str when the timer runs out! So it can be a good and a bad thing to drink! This is even better than kojimas cigarettes in mgs! 

This was a great experience to me not just cause i was drunk ;) But just imagine for a moment: you are grooving to the great tune while playing that beautiful looking gem!

Down to 2 HP, no healing-potions for 5 fucking levels!

Your potions reveal the map or make you stronger AND fuck up your controls!

You NEED to get through that room with 3 monsters. You one-hit-kill one of them, run circles to dodge the others and make it to the next room with a desperately needed hp-restore-item. Pure euphoria! And then you realize that you basically got 2 Str-boost gems! 





Wow, thanks for the great comment! We love reading about your experience in the game, and how much you love it! Oh and congrats on finding a hidden feature πŸ˜‰


Amazing game!

Thank you! And thank you for making that nice game play video! 😊

I just dl-ed this game,but it can't be flashed on easyflash3 with error: sorry, this crt file type is not supported.

On mist fpga64 core,the game loads initially.But screen turns black when I push start game and nothing happens then.

It loads only on vice.

Hi, this game uses Magicdesk cartridge format, which is sadly not supported by easyflash. We will see what we can do about making an easyflash cart version :)

I have now uploaded an EasyFlash version of the game. Check and see if that works for you :)

Already? :) 

It works now, thanks!

I hope you continue developing great games!

Thank you! It is great to hear that it works!

This is most likely due to not proper emulated noisegenerator of the SID chip. Try to contact the manufactor of the hardware for support.

Guys, Rogue64 is totally sweet and I just submitted an enthusiastic review to Zzap! Italy (yes, we have it too!). I really do hope that you'll make a sequel with a couple extra features to make it even more compelling and interesting in the long run. I'd love more potions/powers (take a look at Zaga-33) at least for the game to pick from, more monsters in each room (to raise the difficulty level a bit) and secret rooms (now you have these beautiful rooms to explore freely after killing all the monsters, and not much to do with them. Put hidden treasures or power ups behind fake walls). Keep up the great work!

Thank you! There might be a sequel at some point, and will take your points into consideration then. Thanks again. :)

hi there! i bought the game but its only contains the .crt files, i only have a 1541 to run my games in the real hardware, do you gonna make a .d64 version? how i can play it?


We are sorry that it wasn't stated clearly that this game is on a cartridge image. We will add that to the description.

We have no plans at the moment for making a .d64 version.

If you have a Kung Fu Flash cartridge or other type of cartridge you can load images onto, then it will work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Just use cartconv to convert the file to a prg binary. Cartconv comes with the Vice64 emulator.

From command line:

cartconv -i "full file path"example.crt -o "full file path"example.prg

Doesn't work. The result is a 112KB prg file.

Hi purchased this game yesterday. It's a lot of fun! I grew up playing a lot of Nethack and obviously this is more simple given the constraints of the 64, but it also plays to the 64s strength in sound and color.

NTSC original hardware here. I've now twice gotten to the 8th level and killed a certain thing which drops an item. When I step on the item it crashes the game completely. I fired up Vice last night to see what happens in PAL mode, but I got to the 8th level and died a normal death. 

Anyhow, great game! Hopefully the crashing issue can be fixed soon, that I assume is probably related to running in NTSC.


we have just released version 1.02 that should fix that issue! Sorry about that, and I hope you get to see the win screen soon! 😊

fantastic! I'll give it a go tonight. Thanks!

Played for the first time via Vice, I died and the screen went black while music continued to play but it kept skipping. I'll try this on TheC64 and see if it does it there.


We am sorry to hear you have problems with the game!

We have had reports of this happening when running the game in NTSC mode. The gameplay works fine, but when you die the music starts skipping for a while, and then the gameover screen appears but has garbage in parts of the score. The rest of the game works fine though, so you can still play, but we are looking into fixing this :)

Hi. Version 1.02 will fix the NTSC problems when player dies and the game over screen. :)

Just purchased the game. Is there no pdf of the manual included? Or some other instructions?

Hi, there is an instructions screen in the game for the basic instructions. We will see about making a pdf manual available as soon as possible :)

Great, thank you! :)

hi, what type of file is the downloadable release?


It's a .crt

Hi, the file is a Commodore64 cartridge file. You can load it in any C64 emulator, and it will also work with the C64 mini and C64 Maxi.

If you want to run it on original C64 hardware, then you need a cartridge that be loaded with cart files, like the Kung Fu Flash or similar. :)

Thanks, burned on a Magic Cart, and it works so far!

Keep me in the loop as to when this will be released - I would love to review it on my channel!

Hi. will do. We would love you to do a review of the game! It shouldn't be long now. πŸ™‚

Can't wait for the released version. It look awesome!

Thank you! We are trying to getting it finished as soon as possible! We are very close πŸ™‚

Looks fun, NTSC?

Hi, the physical cartridge release will be PAL only, but for the digital release we will make a NTSC version. The PAL version of the game runs fine in NTSC, but the gameplay and music runs a little too fast. πŸ™‚

I'll buy a digital release.

would buy digital too

same here

Much respect delaying the PC release to protect the physical customers. Looking forward to playing!

hi can play on The C64 Maxi ?


This will released first as a physical cartridge. The C64 Maxi does not have a cartridge slot as far as I know.

We will also release a digital cartridge version shortly after the physical release. This release will work with the C64 Maxi.


Hope to see the release soon, looking forward to this!

We are working on releasing it as fast as possible. We will update here when we have more news :)

I bought the game yesterday and I'm enjoying it a lot :) Thank you guys!

Love Rogue games and this looks to be amazing! Looking forward to it!

Thank you! 😊

How is this coming along? Think we'll still get a 2021 release?

Hi! Thanks for the interest! We are still aiming for a 2021 release. :)

Baller. Much success to you!

The game promises to be interesting. I personally would add a faster and smoother movement to the main character.😊

Thanks for the feedback. We are working on a few changes to the movement that might be more to your liking :)

Ok. I'm waiting for these fixes and the release of the full version that I will run on both the original C64 and THE C64 MAXI 😁 The game promises to be interesting 😁 Well done 🀘

Thank you! I hope the game will not disappoint on release. =)

If no or few sprites are involved, could it easily ported on Plus/4 too, eventually?

Hi. It could probably be ported, but we are using sprites for the player an monsters. We are using sprites so we don't to manually merge background and play/enemy chars, and also for some gameplay things we haven@t shown yet. But since this is a turn-based game it could be done with just characters I think. :)

Nice! Physical release on cart or disk?

Thanks! We will be releasing Rogue64 on a physical cartridge in a nice box =)

Fantastic! Do you plan on a save feature, too?

You won't be able to save your game, but we are looking into saving highscores if it ends up making sense. There is an end-game state, and there is scoring, but we need to find a way for it to make sense within a randomly generated gameplay :)

sounds really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing it πŸ‘

Thank you! Hopefully you won't have to wait too long. =)